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Fermented, Probiotic Rich Dressings & Condiments.


It's a tale as old as time, Superheroes vs. Supervillains. Good vs. Evil. Trillions of microorganisms are living in our bellies, fighting for control of our immune systems, weights, energy levels, stress signals, moods and overall well-being. Villainous Gut Flora are looking to take the upper hand! We hold the power to be the heroes of our bellies' blockbuster battle. Packed with healthy probiotics from organic fermented herbs and vegetables, our dressings and mayos are vital recourses for our Belly's Superhero bacteria. We ferment organic herbs and vegetables and mix them with healthy fats from avocados so our Superheroes have what they need to win the fight. The result is a nutrient dense, probiotic-rich dressing and marinade that can take on any evil. Feed your Superheroes.



Our Process